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Free Giveaway Policy

Following are some conditions which you are required to agree on before ordering any free product on our website:

  1. A customer can only make one order in a month for free giveaways.
  2. A customer can only order one free giveaway product in a single order.
  3. Delivery charges are required to be paid before the delivery of order. Please refer to our delivery policy for delivery charges.
  4. All free products are returnable and exchangeable according to our Return and exchange policy.

Eligibility Criteria:

Following are some requirements which you are required to complete to get eligible to order for free giveaways. Without completing these requirements, your order for free giveaways will not be accepted:

  1. You must like and follow our Facebook page if you have not liked it before.
  2. We do a post for free giveaways on our Facebook page every month. You must
    1. Like that post
    2. At least tag your three friends in the comments of that post.